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  1. Looks like this is gonna become a place for guys to live/read their fantasies

  2. hey anon! hopefully not! it would be interesting to look at one kind of harassment that is based on just misinterpretations- not that misinterpretations are any excuse. we are looking for critical reflective personal texts. hopefully this wont become a 'perverse fantasy space'- i see what your concern is though...but we should be able direct conversations towards revelations and critique ;not excuses

  3. I have tried to apologize whenever I felt that I misinterpreted men, and try to 'catch' men ogling at me or whatever, so it is understood between both me and the offender that we BOTH acknowledge what he is upto...I do try to be careful not to glare at innocent men, but it is sometimes easy to detect that! And in my experience, there are more offenders claiming innocence than innocent men being misinterpreted. I really wish so many women and men spoke up about abuse that this can even be a real issue-that of men being misunderstood.
    If that were/ is to happen, I wholeheartedly support the inncocent men. But I think atleast here in India, we are far from that situation...thus is my perception.