BN guy Arun

Last year I was in Hyderabad at a pub called Sparks. Was there with a dear female friend and we were catching up over a few drinks. Now Sparks used to be a cool place about 8 years back and is pretty run down now with hardly any mixed crowd coming there at all. In a word, it has become seedy.

We were there only for nostalgic reasons and found it odd that the only other customers at the place were two young women. My friend and I found it decidedly odd and while on the way back from the little boys room I stopped by and asked them (very politely) why they had chosen this pub in spite of its condition..i explained that we were there only for nostalgic reasons and were curious if there could, indeed, be more people there for the same reason..

To this one of the girls nearly bit my head off. And made me feel I had tried to tease/intimidate them. I was surprised that she reacted like that, apologized and made my way back to my table. There was nothing in my body language to suggest anything close to what she implied.

I apologized again on the way out for having offended them but can't think why I should have today.

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