BN guy Kinshuk for ' street tales of love lust and possible misinterpretations'

After four years I saw a face in the market that truly resembled her, four years back she had left school and city due to unknown reasons. It was not as if we were good friends, boys and girls rarely talked to each other in school. But after four years, suddenly seeing her aroused curiosity and I felt compelled to talk to her. Without any second thought i started following her with a puzzled mind. She was not alone; an unknown face accompanied her, maybe one of her friends. With her fierce gaze the unknown face just turned to burn me with embarrassment. I wanted to shout and tell her “I am not following you, but just wanted to say hello to my classmate. “Anyway I felt defeated and decided to never repeat this mistake. But my heart was questioning what had I done so wrong? After an hour, when I was struggling to pull my scooty out, i noticed her again in a nearby cloth shop.

“should I”....”shouldn’t I”, “should I”....”shouldn’t i, “should I”....”shouldn’t I”...........

I finally decided not to directly confront her, but stand somewhere to make sure, she recognized.

I stood strategically at a place where she could see my reflection in one of the mirrors of the shop. And I am sure she did........ But before she could turn, I paced back towards my scooty.

Since then I have never seen her. I don’t even remember anything clearly about her, but I keep wondering why I left, what stroke me to leave all of a sudden.

Maybe because I really never knew if it was her, maybe because she had forgotten one of her classmates, maybe I was too embarrassed by previous incident to dare to stand there. Maybe.

Maybe, because we were strangers.

Kinshuk is a student at Srishti School of Art Design and Technology. He wrote this while doing a workshop with Blank Noise. More here!

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